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Is your resume ready for 2022? These 4 trends will help you get hired

Improving Your Resume in 2022 | Happy Faces Personnel Group

The job market is booming these days! If you’re ready to take advantage and find a new job, it helps to brush up on some resume trends for 2022. Take a few moments to get your resume cleaned up and ready to impress to help you land an exciting new job. Four Ways to Update… Read More »

How can YOU minimize negative thoughts… and improve your mood?

It’s hard to stay positive these days. There’s plenty going on that can be upsetting. But positive thinking is one clear path towards happiness—so your efforts are worth it to curb those negative thoughts. This may sound much easier said than done, though. So what can you do to overcome negative thinking and be more… Read More »

The key to finding your next job…based on transferrable skills you’ve developed in past positions

Top Transferrable On-The-Job Skills

With each job, you add more and more to your toolbox of career skills. Some apply to very specific job roles and others can be applied across roles and industries. Transferable job skills are those that qualify you for other jobs, not necessarily just those in your industry. In fact, transferable skills may help you… Read More »

A few techniques to help you form better professional habits

Characteristics Employers are Looking for

As you grow in your career, how can you become a better professional? It’s really quite easy when you know what habits to work on, and stick with them until they become second nature. Your best bet is developing habits that make you attractive to employers—not to mention a more professional employee. So, where should… Read More »

The secret to finding joy in the “little” moments

Finding Joy in the Little Things

We lead very busy lives. Our “to-do” lists are full, and we find ourselves rushing from one thing to the next. But in between the items we’re working to check off exists a little downtime. In a day, you may only have a few moments of this downtime—but when you stretch that out over weeks… Read More »

Can a staffing firm REALLY help you find a better job in Atlanta?

Hiring in Atlanta Georgia | Happy Faces Personnel Group

Looking for a new job in Atlanta? You might feel frustrated, and you’re not alone! There are quite a few steps involved in finding an open position, getting your paperwork ready (like your resume and cover letter), and preparing for your interview. It can feel overwhelming! But did you know working with a recruiter can… Read More »

Should we be taking “joy breaks” throughout the day?

Reasons to take a Joy Break Throughout Your Workday

All work and no play is not a good life philosophy. Now more than ever before, it’s important to add a little joy to your day—every day! Though it may seem indulgent, doing something you enjoy every single day is important to your mental health. And when you consider that mental health is also a… Read More »

Three Reasons to Trust a Staffing Firm with Your Job Search in Atlanta

Finding a Job in Atlanta Georgia

In search of a new job? You may feel a little stressed and not sure where to start. From updating your resume and LinkedIn page to skimming job sites like Monster and Indeed—you can run into questions. What’s the best way to handle your job search? Is there a way to cut down on the… Read More »

Why you should start looking for a job NOW if you want a new one in the fall

Finding a Job in the Fall | Atlanta Jobs Hiring

If you’re recently graduated or looking towards the summer to relax, you might not want to slow down your job search right now. Sure, it may seem like a good idea to relax during the “lazy days” of summer, and pick your job search back up in the fall. But the truth is, if you’re… Read More »

Reducing negative thoughts starts with this framework

Reducing Negative Thoughts | Happy Faces Personnel Group

From time to time, we all feel down. It’s just part of life. But lately, you may find it harder to turn your negative thoughts around. The pandemic has taken a toll on all of us, and feelings of stress and anxiety are very common. But you can take easy steps for ways to be… Read More »