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15 motivational quotes to save on your phone for a rainy day

Feeling down? It happens to all of us! If you’re having a rough day and you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up, it helps to save popular motivational quotes in a place where you can easily reach them. By adding a few popular motivational sayings into the notes section of your phone, you’ll be able… Read More »

Is An Afternoon Workout the Key to Improving Your Happiness and Well-Being?

Looking for a pick-me-up? Fitting in an afternoon workout just may do it. If improving your happiness and well-being is on top of your list, this tactic may be just the thing you need. What is the best time of the day to exercise? Researchers asked this question a lot. So do people who want… Read More »

Three Books That Speak on Happiness and Personal Development

Who couldn’t use a little more happiness in their lives? If you’re waving your hand high in the air, you’re not alone! This past year has been a tough one, and the challenges we’ve all faced make it harder to hold your head up high. But did you know it can help to learn something… Read More »

How Can Setting 2021 Goals Make You Happier in the Short and Long-Term?

Setting 2021 Goals | Happy Faces Personnel Group

What are your goals for the new year? If you’re like many, you already have a few in mind. Goal setting is important because it gives us a clear path to reach our dreams. But, did you know goal-setting can also make you happier? It’s true. It’s almost like building a Short-Term Happiness Plan. Feeling… Read More »

Does forcing yourself to smile improve your mood?

Forcing Yourself to Smile

When you’re feeling down, you may hope for something easy you can do to feel better. The good news is, there is: just smile! Did you know that smiling (even forcing a smile) is scientifically proven to help you feel better? Smiling can also have a positive effect on others around you and your work… Read More »

How to be Happy and Confident in Life

How to Be Happy and Confident | Happy Faces Personnel Group

When you’re feeling “down in the dumps,” it can seem that happiness is far out of your reach. But understand that everyone feels like that from time to time. It’s perfectly natural. What makes the difference is how you handle your “down times.” The steps you take to get yourself feeling better are what counts.… Read More »

What are the best ways to make yourself happier?

Key to Making Yourself Happier

Lately, you’re just not feeling like yourself. You’re smiling less. Laughing less. Sometimes you even find it hard to be happy for others around you. You haven’t always been like this. You used to look forward to things. But right now, the world is so different. It’s hard to make human connections when everyone is… Read More »

Here is a Method That is Helping Busy People Live in the Moment

Living in the Moment | Jobs in Atlanta Georgia

When you’re busy, you feel like your life is one big to-do list. You keep a packed schedule. Deadline met? Check. Bills paid? Check. Grocery shopping? Check. Oil change? Check! The only problem with a constant to-do list is that it spills over into your personal life. You know—the good stuff. The stuff that is… Read More »

Job Search Advice for the Class of 2020

Job Search Advice for Class of 2020

2020 has become an interesting year to have graduated in! The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact with each other and with the businesses around us, and it has hit the economy pretty hard. As the graduating class of 2020, you may be fired up and ready to enter the working world—but unsure… Read More »

How should you react when a day just isn’t going your way

Reacting to a Negative Workday

Sometimes, you may feel that your life isn’t turning out the way you planned. Maybe you don’t have the job you want, or your relationship ended, or you aren’t doing what you love. From time to time, we all get to feeling that we’ve come to a hurdle and the path we were following has… Read More »