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How Can You Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile so Recruiters Start Contacting YOU for Jobs?

There’s no doubt about it—LinkedIn is the number one source for employers and recruiters come hiring time. And it makes sense: where else can you find key career information about a sea of candidates, right at your fingertips? LinkedIn helps those looking to hire, but it can help you, too. This online database of resumes… Read More »

Stop Wasting Time at Job Fairs by Following These Tips

Looking for a new job? If you’ve recently graduated or are just looking to find something new, job fairs are a smart place to start. You can chat in person with representatives from companies you’re interested in—plus allow them to connect your smiling face with all the accomplishments on your resume. A job fair is… Read More »

Why is Past Experience the Most Important Part of Your Resume?

Beyond the many different parts of your resume, past work experience is the most important. Why? Because it shows potential employers what makes YOU uniquely qualified for an open job, including Atlanta temp jobs. Your experience is different than that of anyone else and sets you apart from the crowd. So for this reason, you’ll… Read More »

Why References are the Most Important Part of Your Resume

Job references are important. In many cases, they can be the last determining factor in whether or not you get a job. Why? Because your job references are a secondary source of information about the real you. Read on to learn more from the leading source of jobs in Stone Mountain, GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group.… Read More »

Trust Us… Avoid THESE Phrases During Your Next Interview

Preparing for an upcoming interview? If you’re looking for jobs in Tucker, GA or anywhere else in the country, it helps to practice a few interview skills before your big day. And knowing what NOT to say is almost as important as knowing what TO say. Skip These Seven Phrases in Your Interview Just follow… Read More »

Heading to Atlanta for a spouse’s job and relocation? Here’s What YOU Should Know Before Applying in Georgia

The booming metropolis of Atlanta has one of the top-rated economies in the country. If you and your spouse are planning on relocation for work, that’s good news! You have your choice of a wide range of employment opportunities in Metropolitan Atlanta. Before you go, it’s important to understand the current economic climate of Atlanta.… Read More »

Promotion or a Job at a New Location? Which is the Better Option?

If you’re currently unsatisfied with your job, you have two choices: you can attempt to move up in your current company, or you can look for a new place to work. In short, this is a personal decision you’ll have to make for yourself. What are you looking for in your career? To help you… Read More »

How to Start Getting Noticed by More Recruiters on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a valuable job search tool if you use it right. In fact, in today’s job market, it’s pretty much accepted that you can’t find a new job if you’re not on this popular job site. So to “link in” to the power of social media and maximize your efforts, it’s important to… Read More »

What to Say to Your Boss to Get Paid What You’re Worth

Salary negotiation is a learned skill. With practice, you may find it comes second nature to you. The best time to discuss your compensation is during your annual review, when all the great things you’ve accomplished during the year are top-of-mind for your boss. The key to being successful at salary negotiation is being a… Read More »

The Conversations to Have With Your Boss Who Undervalues Forward-Thinking

Forward-thinking companies are the ones that move ahead. They’re innovative, proactive rather than reactive, and they lead the way in their industry. That’s because they decide what they want to achieve and stay laser-focused on the task. Being a forward-thinking employee is an asset—even if your boss undervalues your proactivity. In fact, you may have… Read More »