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A look back at the top 3 articles for managers from 2018

Best Management Articles 2018 | Happy Faces Personnel Group

It’s been a busy year! As we say goodbye to 2018 and look forward to 2019, most business owners are spending Q4 planning next year’s goals. Through research and reflection, you can strengthen the foundation of your current goals, plus draft new ones. Resources abound and are useful to gain industry perspective as you plan… Read More »

Four Things to Do When You Get Home from a Career Fair

Job fairs are important networking opportunities. Where else can you meet a variety of hiring managers and learn about companies directly from employee representatives? So when you’ve attended a job fair, had great conversations and met new job contacts, what should you do next? Just follow these tips from one of the top temp agencies… Read More »

How Can You Hire Smarter (and Faster) in 2017?

Are you looking to increase your staff in the New Year? Your Q4 2016 staffing review may have turned up some gaps you’re looking to fill. If you’re not sure where to begin and you’re not looking forward to the hiring process, don’t worry. You can follow five key strategies to make your candidate search… Read More »

Is It Time to Rethink and Redevelop Your Employee Referral Program?

Employee Referral Programs are brilliant in theory. They save you the time and money of searching for new hires by asking the experts (your own, hardworking employees!) to bring them to you. This way, you’ll automatically have staff who get along. Plus, if a productive, upbeat worker vouches for someone they know, it stands to… Read More »

Is Your Morning Routine and That Early Cup of Coffee Wrecking the Day’s Productivity?

Good morning—or rocky morning? It’s really up to you. How you spend your first few waking hours can set the tone for the rest of your day. Following a routine that helps you to be healthy, happy and motivated is the best way to jumpstart your day—every day! It’s important to figure out what works… Read More »

Set These Motivational Quotes as Reminders on your iPhone to Keep You Focused During High Pressure Situations

Do you ever feel like this: You have a meeting scheduled in 10 minutes and you’re expected to deliver a presentation. Your heart is pounding. Your palms are sweaty. Your mind is racing because there’s a lot riding on the success of your delivery at this meeting. Your boss and co-workers are relying on you.… Read More »

Establishing an Employee Learning and Development Program to Help Your Team Grow

A strong learning and development program is key to the present and future of your company. First, it can help you attract talent, since people want to work for companies that invest in them. Second, it helps employees grow in their careers, so it can make their work more enjoyable and fulfilling—helping you to retain… Read More »

Four Ways to Put on Your Best Smile… When the Day is Really Getting the Best of You

So, it turns out your day just hasn’t been going as planned. You woke up late, discovered you were out of coffee, hit every red light on the way to work, and arrived to an inbox busting at the seams. These or hundreds of other scenarios could have started to frame your day. But the… Read More »

Top Interview Questions You Should Ask Every Single Candidate

Finding happy, productive employees begins at the hiring process. It’s important to find people who are motivated, fit well with your company culture, and have long-term career goals your company can provide. To get started on a long path to hiring success, you should take a closer look at your interview process, and be sure… Read More »

Are These LinkedIn Mistakes Making Recruiters Avoid You?

LinkedIn is a valuable career resource. Where else can you post your job history, skills and accomplishments for potential employers (or recruiters) to peruse at their leisure? Plus, it’s a great place to interact with other professionals and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Still, there’s a way to do LinkedIn well—and a… Read More »