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Learn to Avoid This Common Hiring Mistake

In the interview process, human nature can be difficult to overcome. One of the most common mistakes hiring managers make is to “shop” for candidates based on emotion; that is, to form either a positive or negative feeling for the candidate and allow that to dictate the rest of the interview. For example, if a… Read More »

4 Team-Building Exercises to Consider in the Summer

Most people look forward to the summer! The warmer weather and sunshine lifts spirits and keeps everyone’s mood a little lighter and cheerier. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get employees out of the office for a team-building event during the summer months. The key is selecting an activity that is fun, generates… Read More »

Why You Should Always Return a Recruiter’s Phone Call

Recruiters are on a mission to fill positions with the most appropriate candidates. If a recruiter has found you on a career site, such as Monster or Linked In, he or she may reach out to learn more about you. That’s because passive candidates—those not actively seeking employment—are just as valuable as active candidates. If… Read More »