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It Might Sound Crazy—But Could You Really Benefit From Giving Up Coffee for a Year?

It may seem the world runs on coffee. This “magical beverage” can help you pick up your pace when you’re dragging and add productivity to your day. When you’re a temp in Atlanta, you may find yourself faced with constantly shifting assignments, and take solace in the get-up-and-go factor you get from your morning coffee… Read More »

Are You Looking for a Job in All the Right (or Wrong) Places?

Are you looking for a job in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area? If so, you have a multitude of resources available to you—and many are at your fingertips. With just an internet connection, you can breeze through files upon files of job listings available in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Here’s where you need to find your… Read More »

Four Ways to Put on Your Best Smile… When the Day is Really Getting the Best of You

So, it turns out your day just hasn’t been going as planned. You woke up late, discovered you were out of coffee, hit every red light on the way to work, and arrived to an inbox busting at the seams. These or hundreds of other scenarios could have started to frame your day. But the… Read More »

Strengthening Your Personal Brand is Easier Than You Think

Your personal brand defines you as a unique individual and sets you apart from the competition. It’s a very useful tool in marketing yourself to potential employers, and you can use it in your resume, on your social media pages, and as an introduction when you network with colleagues in your field. Perhaps you have… Read More »

Impress and Stand Out | Proving You’re “The One” During an Interview

If you’re interviewing for a job opportunity, the best and most important thing you can do is stand out from the pack (in a good way, of course). Most likely, many if not all of the applicants will have the same qualifications as you, so you’ll need to make yourself shine brighter than all the… Read More »