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Why you should consider adding group volunteer work to your resume when applying in Atlanta

Volunteer Work on Resume | Atlanta Georgia

In the search for your dream job, interviewing stronger than your competition is critical. So what can you do to help yourself come out heads-and-shoulders above the rest? Check out this tip from one of the leading Temp Agencies in Atlanta GA. Include Your Volunteer Work Volunteerism tops the list as one of the number… Read More »

Four Soft Skills that You Need to Become a Star

Are you currently working on your resume or do you want to enhance your job performance? You can do both by developing certain “soft skills”—general skills that can help you in any job and any field. Soft skills allow you to do your job to the best of your ability and work well with others.… Read More »

Pros and Cons of Referral Programs

Job Search in Savannah Georgia | Happy Faces Personnel Group

Pros and Cons of Referral Programs from Happy Faces Personnel Group   What does it take to find top-notch employees? Of the many techniques utilized by employers, internal referral programs are a popular choice. Many employers offer their staff members a cash bonus as an incentive for referring qualified candidates who could be a good… Read More »