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What’s Your Story? How to Develop the Perfect Elevator Pitch to Land a Job

An elevator pitch is a perfect resource to have in your “tool box.” You never know when you’ll be face-to-face with someone who could help you in your career—and you need a way to introduce yourself. Your elevator pitch is a short but direct introduction (no longer than 30-60 seconds) to use when you bump into someone with whom you… Read More »

The Key to Selling Yourself and Your Work Experience in an Interview

Ready to impress in your upcoming job interview? You want to represent your very best self without sounding arrogant or desperate. The key is to be confident and outgoing, and build a rapport with your interviewer. If you’re feeling nervous—don’t worry. It’s extremely common. But with practice and by following these five tips from a… Read More »

Four Events in Atlanta to Help you Regain your Happiness and Work/Life Balance this June

With the summertime beginning to bloom all around us, your mind may start to wander to your plans after work. Getting out and getting social is good for your work-life balance, and the Atlanta Metropolitan Area features many attractions as summer gets into full swing. If you’re looking for something to do this June 2019,… Read More »

How to Turn a Career Obstacle into a Career Growth Opportunity

How to Turn a Career Obstacle into a Career Growth Opportunity from Happy Faces Personnel Group When in search of your next job, you may experience minor setbacks. Maybe you’re having a hard time finding an opportunity, or maybe you haven’t been called for an interview. No matter how much it seems that life is… Read More »

Four Tactics to Bring out the Best in Your Employees, Month After Month

Engaged employees work hard and stay loyal to their company. These are the staff every employer wants, but how do you build a strong culture within your business? Four Ways to Motivate Your Staff It’s not as hard as you may think to encourage productivity and positive energy. Just start with these simple culture-building tactics… Read More »

Creating a Culture of Positivity: How to Reposition Your Team Mentality

To an outside observer, what’s the first impression someone would have of your company culture? Would they walk into your business and immediately feel the love, or would they notice an invisible cloud over everyone’s heads? The answer to this question is important because positive energy in your workplace helps encourage idea sharing, hard work… Read More »

Creating and Appointing a Wellness Committee: How to Get Your Team on Board with Health and Wellness This Summer

Wellness programs are the next big thing at many companies across the country. They’re a perfect way for employers keep healthcare benefit costs under control by encouraging wellness and healthy habits. But since just telling employees how to be well isn’t quite enough, wellness programs go a step further—providing the services and resources employees need… Read More »

The Conversations to Have With Your Boss Who Undervalues Forward-Thinking

Forward-thinking companies are the ones that move ahead. They’re innovative, proactive rather than reactive, and they lead the way in their industry. That’s because they decide what they want to achieve and stay laser-focused on the task. Being a forward-thinking employee is an asset—even if your boss undervalues your proactivity. In fact, you may have… Read More »

Is It Time to Rethink and Redevelop Your Employee Referral Program?

Employee Referral Programs are brilliant in theory. They save you the time and money of searching for new hires by asking the experts (your own, hardworking employees!) to bring them to you. This way, you’ll automatically have staff who get along. Plus, if a productive, upbeat worker vouches for someone they know, it stands to… Read More »

Three Reasons Most Employee Referral Programs Don’t Work

In a perfect world, companies could find new workers by taking tips from their current staff through the employee referral program. However, ours is not a perfect world—many employee referral programs don’t go as planned due to several common stumbling blocks. By identifying these frequent pitfalls, you can take steps to avoid them and set… Read More »