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Best Ways to Beat Those Winter Blues

Not feeling quite like yourself this season? The wintertime can be a downer for many, complete with limited daylight and cooler temperatures. Even if you live in a warm climate, you may simply feel down because the lively activity associated with the holidays has come to an end. Regardless of your reasoning, you’re not alone: … Read More »

Checklist for Hiring Employees: Seven Things to Identify All-Star Candidates

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The caliber of your workers determines the quality of your output. If you’re looking to be a leader in your industry, it helps to staff the best-of-the-best employees. Since you’re putting in time and money to find new candidates, it makes sense to make your efforts worthwhile by searching out the very best possible choices.… Read More »

Unorthodox Ways to Use the Internet to Find New Job Candidates

The right employees can be hard to find! So when you’re experiencing a staffing shortage or trying to fill hard-to-fill positions, it can help to get a little creative. The internet presents a world of information at your fingertips, and you can take advantage of the Worldwide Web to locate new hires. Just follow these… Read More »

Promotion or a Job at a New Location? Which is the Better Option?

If you’re currently unsatisfied with your job, you have two choices: you can attempt to move up in your current company, or you can look for a new place to work. In short, this is a personal decision you’ll have to make for yourself. What are you looking for in your career? To help you… Read More »

How to Give Honest, Constructive Feedback to Employees

Honest feedback helps steer employees. It gives them the information they need to hone their skillsets and continue to grow in the right direction professionally. After all, an employee can’t know if he or she is doing a good job (or a not-so-good job) without some sort of review or evaluation. Despite the benefits, giving… Read More »

Three Bosses You Don’t Want to Be

Good bosses create a stronger end product. They have the talent to inspire, motivate and empower their employees to do great things. Good bosses help create a positive work environment, adding to their employees’ productivity. And then there’s bad bosses. Bad bosses do just the opposite: they frustrate, frighten and annoy their employees. Bad bosses… Read More »