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Get Your Employees to Work Smarter, Not Harder

The human mind and body are magnificent tools. But, just like any machine, they need regular maintenance for peak performance. As an employer, you expect your staff to work at a high level of productivity—and you can take several steps to help them along and avoid burnout. By suggesting five important work smart tips, you… Read More »

How to Find a Job that Fits Your Skills and Expertise

Are you unfulfilled in your career? Or recently graduated from college and starting down the path towards your future? Finding the perfect job can be difficult! You want to be able to use your unique skills and expertise, but also be challenged to learn and grow. Like most people, you’re probably looking for a job… Read More »

How to Treat Your Staff Like an All-Star Team

All-stars live a charmed life! Think of the respect and perks provided to all-star athletes or celebrities. And these are people that most of our society has never even met! Your employees are a group of people you spend nearly every day with—probably more time than you spend with your own family. Instead of simply… Read More »

Seven Ways to Create Happy Employees in Atlanta

Your success is derived from the happiness of your employees. That’s because happy employees are satisfied with their jobs and more productive, adding to the quality of the end product your company produces. A stronger end product means increased customer satisfaction and bottom line impact for you.  Therefore, happier employees directly affect the happiness of… Read More »

Ways to Get a Resigning Clerical Employee to Stay

Your clerical employees perform many important day-to-day functions. From answering phones to maintaining records, your business wouldn’t run as efficiently without these valuable staff members.  If you’ve found a clerical employee whose high-caliber work performance keeps your business on its toes, of course you don’t want to let him go. However, what do you do… Read More »