Employees Less Motivated as Summer Approaches? Regroup and Refocus with These Tips

As the weather gets warmer, workers start dreaming of time off. Thoughts of vacation, sunny days at the beach and lounging outside start to creep into their minds during worktime hours. Just like being back in school, everyone gets a bit nostalgic during the summer. But don’t let employee productivity dwindle as the sun gets higher in the sky. Just follow these tips from one of the top temp agencies in Atlanta Georgia—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Five Ways to Motivate Employees During the Summertime

Even though it may feel like your job as an employer gets tougher in the warmer months, it doesn’t have to! You can take advantage of the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer to build your company culture—putting your business on the map as a great place to work! Consider the following:

Offer Flexible Scheduling

To give them more time to enjoy life outside of work, employers often give their staff the opportunity to flex their work hours in the summer. This could mean coming in earlier to be able to leave earlier, or working later to be able to arrive later in the morning. You may also consider offering work at home, if possible, to allow those employees with kids to keep tabs on them while they’re out of school. Another perk is letting your staff extend their shifts Monday through Thursday to leave early on Friday, or even shift to a four-day work week.

Increase Your Dress Down Days

Business attire can be stuffy, and many offices loosen the dress code during the summer to business casual—or even informal attire, such as jeans. You might even consider a special dress down day that allows your staff to wear flip flops (unless your workplace requires safety shoes).

Work Your Wellness Committee

The summertime offers plenty of options for getting outside and active. Your wellness committee can offer lunchtime walking club, on- or off-site picnics, raffles to win sports equipment, and much more.

Provide Unexpected Treats

Little pick-me-ups can bring a smile to a worker’s day. You might consider coffee and donuts, pizza for lunch, popsicles or ice cream sundaes.

Hold Company Contests and Celebrations

Why not inspire your workers’ creativity with a company-wide photo contest featuring nature, pets or summer vacations? Or cut loose and have fun with an off-campus picnic at a local amusement park? It’s the extras that employees remember, and this can help make your company culture strong.

What’s your next step?

Harnessing the positive energy that flows during the summer can take your culture from good to great. Where will you begin this summer?

In need of new staff?

The summer is also a good time to assess your staffing level and bring on temp workers. And if you’re looking for candidates in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, just reach out to Happy Faces Personnel Group. To learn more, contact us today!



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