Four Questions to Ask to Test a Candidate’s Commitment Level

Looking for new hires? The cost to find, hire and train new workers is significant, so preventing employee turnover is at the top of most employers’ lists. The perfect scenario is finding top talent who have long-term plans to stick with your company and grow right along with it. No one’s behavior is 100 percent predictable, but you can uncover clues to a candidate’s level of commitment by asking the right questions. You can learn more by checking out these four key interview questions from Happy Faces Personnel Group—a top provider of Temp Services in Atlanta, GA.

Four Interview Questions to Uncover Commitment

You’ve found the perfect candidate, but you’re not sure what their long-term career goals are. You can find out more by asking the following interview questions:

Where do you see yourself in a year? Five years?

Straight to the point, ask the candidate what their long-term aspirations are. Do they see opportunity with this company, or is it just a stepping stone on the way to something else? The right answer will show that the candidate has done their homework, read about your company and can see a bright future with you.

Do you have any hesitations about this job?

This is a great question to ask after you’ve explained the roles and responsibilities associated with the position. If the candidate is excited to start, this is a good sign. But if the candidate has concerns or seems less-than-enthused about an aspect of the job, it’s a red flag they may soon be looking for something else.

What is your ideal work environment?

Cultural fit is very important, and asking an interview question about culture can help you understand how well a candidate will fit. If yours is a busy, bustling office that involves plenty of idea sharing, and the candidate prefers a quiet setting and time to think on their own, yours might not be the best work environment. This can indicate a candidate that won’t be with your company for the long haul.

How will you bring value to this position? Why should I hire you?

Does the candidate see themselves as a valuable asset to the position and your company as a whole? This question can help you uncover the candidate’s ability to think ahead—how can they help right now, and in the future?

The right candidate is out there

It may take a little scouting, but you’ll find a match who is both highly qualified and highly motivated. If you don’t have the time to invest looking for this candidate, a staffing agency can help. Recruiters are experts at finding and placing the right candidates, which vastly helps ensure their career longevity.

Looking for Top Talent in Atlanta, GA?

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