Creating a Culture of Positivity: How to Reposition Your Team Mentality

To an outside observer, what’s the first impression someone would have of your company culture? Would they walk into your business and immediately feel the love, or would they notice an invisible cloud over everyone’s heads? The answer to this question is important because positive energy in your workplace helps encourage idea sharing, hard work and company loyalty. So what can you do to build and maintain a culture of positivity? Start with these five tips from one of the top staffing agencies in Atlanta—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Five ways to inspire happiness and goodwill within your company

You can bring on the smiles among your employees when you try any of the following:

Spread Positive Energy

As a manager, you get what you give! Smile and say good morning to your workers. Tell them when you’re impressed with their work. Say you appreciate having them on the team. Tell them what they’re good at and how they add to the strength of the business. Your kind words will go a long way!

Post Inspirational Sayings

Have you ever seen a poster or meme with inspirational words that really meant something to you? It may have changed the way you looked at the world that day. Find posters or wall art with upbeat sayings and hang them throughout your business.

Celebrate Wins

Companies have victories every day, no matter how big or small. But when your staff has made a noteworthy accomplishment, it’s time to celebrate! This could mean a special dinner, catered lunch, coffee and donuts, corporate-branded gift item, gift card or happy hour. Just something that shows your gratitude for hard work.

Monitor Your Own Reactions

How you respond to your employees can have a huge impact on their attitude. All work is a learning experience, even when workers make mistakes. Keep this in mind when addressing your staff.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Even in a professional environment, there’s room to be light-hearted some of the time. It’s always good to keep a sense of humor. It also helps to have occasional dress down days, holiday celebrations, pleasing décor, and comfortable break areas. It’s these extra touches that help you maintain fun within your work environment.

Commit to a Positive Company Culture

When you walk the walk, your staff will soon follow! If you’re looking to improve motivation, encourage team unity and build your brand as a great place to work, it all starts with you. Your dedication to building and sustaining a positive company culture makes all the difference.

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