How to Find a Job You Love Waking Up for Every Day

When you love your job, you won’t work a day in your life. If you’re familiar with this old adage, you may find yourself seeking that mythical dream job… but is it merely a myth? Or is it possible to find a job you leap out of bed for every morning?

What’s Your Life’s Passion?

You can certainly take steps to get yourself closer to landing your dream job. First you’ll need to figure out what you’re passionate about (if you don’t already know). Then you can take action to find your perfect job—it just may be out there in the market, waiting for you.

How to Determine What You Love

To discover what motivates you (in work and in life), you can try the following exercises:

Think about what used to be fun.

What did you love to do when you were a kid? Maybe you built model airplanes, doodled in a sketch pad or helped your parents with various tasks around the house. Children participate in activities for the sheer joy of doing them—and shy away from activities they don’t like. You can get clues to your life’s passion through your fond memories.

Don’t worry about money.

When you’re searching for your passion, don’t worry about potential careers and how much you could earn. Simply think about what you love to do. You can figure out career goals later.

Check out a course catalog. 

Get your hands on a course catalog from any university and read through it. What courses sound boring and which would you want to enroll in tomorrow? This can help give you an idea of what ignites your interests.

What are you good at?

Do you have any skills that you love—and that you also excel at? Many people derive satisfaction from knowing they have the market cornered on a particular skill set, and can deliver a best-of-the-best product or service.

Incorporating what you love into a job

This can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. In the opinion of some, chasing your passion is a fool’s errand—but in the opinion of others, you owe it to yourself to at least try. The following tips can help you find your dream job:

Work with a career professional.

A career counselor can help you mold your passions into a realistic career path. You can also work with a recruiter—he or she can let you know what’s available in the job market that matches what you like to do.

Leave a job you don’t like.

It can be as simple as that. If you know you’re not happy, and if you know you aren’t able to contribute in a way you find interesting or mentally stimulating: move on.

Try something new.

If a job opportunity sounds interesting (and you’re at least partially qualified), give it a shot. You never know what you might learn about yourself, and it may be a rewarding challenge.

Your personal commitment to success is your number one attribute

If you decide that you simply cannot have it any other way and MUST find a job you love, don’t give up. Most people eventually find what they’re looking for when they look hard enough.

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