Are You Looking for a Job in All the Right (or Wrong) Places?

Are you looking for a job in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area?

If so, you have a multitude of resources available to you—and many are at your fingertips. With just an internet connection, you can breeze through files upon files of job listings available in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Here’s where you need to find your next Atlanta-based job.

Three no-nonsense places to find your next job

When you know where to look, you can cut your job search time in half. Check out the following:


Either online or in print, the following Atlanta newspapers have robust job search sections:

You can also search for newspapers in and around Atlanta by visiting:

LinkedIn Groups

A Google search of the phrase Atlanta LinkedIn Groups delivers pages of results. Since most groups are unique to a particular industry, you may wish to search including a keyword, such as Atlanta Healthcare LinkedIn Groups.

An Experienced Staffing Agency

Working with a recruiter can help you gain insider knowledge of both advertised and “hidden” jobs. That’s because some employers work specifically with staffing agencies to fill jobs, without the need to post them for the general public. Also, an experienced recruiter will have employer contacts throughout the industry, so you’ll be able to find the very best job for you—much easier than by going it alone. Your recruiter will act as your job coach, as well, helping you to polish your resume and brush up on your interview skills.

Looking for a Recruiter?

Look no further than Happy Faces Personnel Group. We work specifically within the Atlanta Metropolitan Area and our specialty is placing candidates with jobs that match your unique experience, qualifications and career goals. We’ll work with you to find job opportunities that fit, for a new job you find both exciting and rewarding. To learn more and get started toward your future, contact Happy Faces Personnel Group today!


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