Four Tactics to Bring out the Best in Your Employees, Month After Month

Engaged employees work hard and stay loyal to their company. These are the staff every employer wants, but how do you build a strong culture within your business?

Four Ways to Motivate Your Staff

It’s not as hard as you may think to encourage productivity and positive energy. Just start with these simple culture-building tactics from one of the top Atlanta Staffing Agencies, Happy Faces Personnel Group:

Have Fun Together

What are the top company cultures known for? We’ve all heard stories of breakroom ping-pong tables, chef-run cafeterias and extravagant office décor. Though you don’t need to go to these extremes, there are plenty of other ways to infuse fun into your company atmosphere. You can start by taking each day in a light-hearted and upbeat way. Reward positivity and hard work, rather than condemning mistakes. You’ll be amazed at the ideas and output your employees produce when they enjoy where they work.

Say Thank You

It’s impressive how far these two little words go. Simple words of thanks—whether by card or email, or even just stopping at a worker’s desk—can make the difference between a positive work atmosphere, and one that’s not so positive.

Build Genuine Relationships

Be authentic. Get to know your staff. Ask how their days are. Learn what’s going on in their lives. Show interest in and concern for what their daily work lives are like. When you understand the people you’re leading, the better of a leader you’ll be.

Be” the Attitude You Want to See

A “do as I say, not as I do” mentality won’t take you very far in terms of employee engagement. So you must live the company culture, as well! Following the same rules and adopting the same attitude you expect of your employees will serve as encouragement for everyone else to do the same.

Don’t Stop There!

Once you’ve mastered these four techniques, search for more. Engaging corporate cultures are an easy way to attract and maintain top talent.

Looking for New Employees?

If you discover you need more staff or new staff, check out Happy Faces Personnel Group. We work with employers in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area to help you find best-matched job candidates. To learn more, contact us today!


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