Four Reasons to Partner with an Employment Agency When Looking for a New Job

Looking for a new job, but having a hard time finding one? It can be frustrating to search for job leads, especially if you keep running into dead ends. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Have you ever worked with a recruiter in your job search? This valuable partnership can make it much faster and easier to find a job you love.

Four Advantages of Working with a Recruiter

In the quest for employment, you can soar past your fellow job applicants with this insider information from one of the top temp agencies in Atlanta, GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group:

Access Unadvertised Jobs

Some employers work exclusively with recruiters to fill open positions. As a result, some job opportunities may never even hit sites such as Monster or Indeed. When you work with a recruiter, you’ll gain access to the “hidden” job market, and this increases your chances of finding something new.

Gain Insight into What Employers Want

Since they work closely with employers who are hiring, recruiters understand what qualifications you’ll need to arrive at the top of a resume stack. If you’re the right candidate, this valuable information can make it easier to land a new job.

Learn How to Market Yourself

Based on what an employer is looking for, your recruiter can help you decide what to highlight during an interview in terms of your skills and experience. And knowing how to present yourself is a key step in acing an interview.

Improve through Constructive Criticism

If you’ve gone on an interview but didn’t get the job, your recruiter can help you understand why not. This feedback is critical to help you learn and improve—so you’ll do even better the next time around.

Make the Most of Your Recruiter Relationship

You can maximize your time spent with your recruiter by always being prepared: when you meet, dress as if you’re attending an interview, keep your resume and cover letter as up to date as possible (and bring copies), and arrive equipped with any questions you may have.

Looking for a Recruiter in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area?

Check out Happy Faces Personnel Group. We’ll work with you to find a job you love—just reach out today to speak with an experienced recruiter!


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