Three ways to approach your coworkers after accepting a new job opportunity in Augusta

Congratulations on your new position! It’s a good feeling to move on to something new, especially when this next step gets you closer to your dream career. Inevitably, you’ll need to let your coworkers know your future plans—so what should you say? Just follow these tips from a provider of jobs hiring in Augusta, GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

How to tell your coworkers about your new job

You’ve landed a new job and you’re excited to tell your fellow employees! But before you do, stop and make sure you’ve already told your boss. You wouldn’t want him or her to get the information secondhand. After that’s taken care of, you can follow these three tips for letting your coworkers in on the big news:

Talk in person.

It’s important not to use company resources, like email, to announce work for another company. You’ll want to keep things professional. Instead, let your coworkers know by talking to them in person. This also adds a more personal edge to the conversation and lets them know you care!

Chat during non-work hours.

Also along the lines of keeping all your communications as professional as possible, don’t eat up work hours talking about a non work-related topic, such as a new job. You’ll have plenty of time to catch up with your coworkers about your new gig during break times, before work begins or after the end of your shift.

Choose carefully whom you tell.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be happy for you, and that’s OK. You can minimize jealousy and hurt feelings by being careful who you tell about your new position. Obviously everyone will know eventually, but you can make your work life a little easier during your last few days by only giving advance notice to those coworkers who will be genuinely happy for you.

Never discuss salary or benefits

Always keep all details about salary and benefits to yourself. It’s not professional to discuss these or disclose them at any time to your fellow coworkers. The only exception is discussing them with your boss if there’s any chance you might be willing to stay for a bump up in pay, but this is a conversation you should have far in advance of letting your coworkers know about your new position.

Looking for a new job?

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