The Benefits of Consistently Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the top resources recruiters and hiring managers use to find potential candidates. If you don’t yet have a LinkedIn page, or yours has been somewhat abandoned—it’s time to make updates right away! Not having a LinkedIn profile can look as if you have something to hide, and a partially finished profile can make you appear less legitimate and professional. Your LinkedIn profile is an easy way to get noticed, especially when you’re in the market for a new job.

Six Tips for Making Your LinkedIn Profile Shine

If you’re not sure where to start establishing or sprucing up your profile, just follow these six tips from one of the top temp agencies in Atlanta GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group:

Update Your Visuals

May as well begin at the top! LinkedIn allows you to customize your header graphic—and this is a perfect way to help your page stand out from everyone else. You can choose an attractive and royalty-free photo on websites such as or and start showing your close attention to detail. Next is your profile picture. Don’t be tempted to use that selfie from your friend’s wedding, no matter how good you look in it. Choose a professional photo or have one taken.

Choose Your Best Headline

This falls right underneath your cover image. Just be sure it still adequately describes you and what you do in a nutshell. If it doesn’t, make updates that reflect your current title. The best headline is one that’s straight forward, which makes it easily searchable for those looking to hire.

Include Current Contact Information

This may seem obvious, but if you’re one who moves around a lot, it’s easy to forget this simple update. A recruiter or hiring manager can’t get in touch with you if you provide the wrong contact info, so double check yours is up to date!

Write a Summary Story

You want to stand out, right? Take the time to write a compelling story in your summary section that explains your career passion and how you’ve arrived at your current position. This makes your profile more memorable—and that’s what you want when you’re looking for a new job!

Ask for Recommendations

As you make contacts, as them to recommend you and include these kudos on your page. An easy way to do this is to ask right after a colleague or boss has thanked you for a job well done.

Add Skills

These help you get noticed more often than profiles without them. Simply browse the skills list and add those that pertain to your work experience.

It’s Worth it to Make Updates!

Your LinkedIn profile is a valuable resource for being discovered and finding new job opportunities. Another way is by working with a recruiter if you don’t already. Your recruiter will help you access positions you’re perfect for, plus brush up on your resume and interview skills.

Check out Happy Faces Personnel Group!

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