Improving your hiring process starts with understanding the ideal candidate you’re searching for

Making good hiring matches is critical to the success of your business. It makes the difference between an employee who just gets work done, and one who excels—improving the quality of your output, as a result. Ideal candidates are the types of workers whom employers strive to find and keep on their payroll for the long-term.

So how can you improve your hiring process to search out and reel in these keepers? It helps to understand whom you’re looking for with these tips from a leading provider of hiring support in Georgia—Happy Faces Personnel Group:

Outline All Required Professional Skills

Your job descriptions should be as descriptive as possible in the qualifications section. Lead with the top three or four skills an employee simply cannot be hired without. This could include educational background, experience, registrations or certifications, etc. These hard skills are the deal breakers and will help you begin to sort through resumes.

Be Lenient When You Can

Remember that while some skills are non-negotiable, others can be learned by the right candidate. So certain nice-to-haves can be included further down on your qualifications list or left off altogether.

Consider Important Soft Skills

You can find the perfect candidate on paper, but other soft skills make the difference between an OK candidate and a superstar. For example, someone with all the required qualifications but no passion for the job is going to simply do the required work and clock out for the day—while a candidate who’s passionate about their career is going to go above and beyond, innovate, inspire and bring so much more to the position.

Soft skills are important, and you can screen for these during your interview process. It helps to look for the following:


It’s key to hire an employee who can ultimately manage themselves without too much hand-holding. The best employees are those you can trust to do their work and raise their hand when they have a question.


A good mood is contagious! That’s why it helps to hire employees with an upbeat demeanor: it can improve the entire atmosphere of your workplace.


The desire to do well is a driving force that will help a top candidate push for results. It helps inspire new and different ideas.


Action-oriented individuals are what make things happen, and candidates with an action-oriented mindset will be a benefit to your company.

Align Your Interview Process

Once you determine what skills an ideal candidate must possess, structure your resume review process and interview questions to screen for these skills.

Work with a Recruiter

Your staffing agency is a good source of best-fit candidates. And if you’re located in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Happy Faces Personnel Group is ready to help! To learn more about our available staffing services, contact us today.

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