How might quiet time with a book improve your overall health and well-being?

Life is stressful! We’re constantly inundated with information—from the internet, social media, advertisements, and more. Add on top of this work and home responsibilities, and many of us may find ourselves overwhelmed with too much to do. This constant state of being 110 percent on, 110 percent of the time can take a toll on our mental (and eventually physical) well-being. This is why taking time to simply breathe and quiet the mind is healthy, and picking up a good book can help.  

Five Health Benefits of Reading 

Aside from the benefits of quiet time to relax and restore calm to our lives, reading has several other health benefits. Just check out these health benefits of reading from one of the leading staffing agencies in Atlanta: 

  1. A stronger brain. Studies have shown that reading helps build pathways in your brain that increase brain activity. The more you read, the stronger your brain function can become.  
  2. A bigger vocabulary. As you read, you may come across new words—and this helps you build up your vocabulary. Knowing more words gives you an edge at interviews, at work and in general.   
  3. Less stress. Taking time out to read allows you to put life on pause for a second and let yourself get lost in the story you’re reading. This can help reduce your stress, lower your heart rate and improve your blood pressure.  
  4. Better mood. People who read more report fewer feelings of sadness and isolation, both of which are symptoms of depression. Reading helps to open up doors, and exposes you to a whole new world in the form of a story.  
  5. Improved brain function as you age. The human brain function diminishes as we age, but reading can help to maintain cognition and slow the mental aging process. Regular reading is a good habit to pick up now for the future!  

How to Choose the Right Book for You 

Don’t become discouraged if you choose a book and then decide it’s just not for you. Follow these tips for choosing a book you won’t be able to put down: 

  • Choose a topic you will enjoy. Suggested reading lists contain many books, but if it doesn’t sound like something you’d like, it doesn’t matter how many other people like it. Do a Google search of books featuring topics you’re interested in.  
  • Read the second page. The first page of a book is often an introduction, but things may start to speed up by the second page. If it seems interesting, take the plunge to read on!  
  • Visit your local library. Stop by your local library for ideas of books to check out. If you’re having a hard time finding a book, ask a librarian for help.  

In Search of Something New? 

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