Case of the Mondays: Five Ways to Face Monday Like a Pro

It starts to set in around Sunday afternoon—that dreaded feeling that the weekend is quickly drawing to a close and Monday is looming up ahead. And by the time Monday morning rolls around, your dampened mood is in full swing. You feel sluggish, unmotivated, and even sad. You don’t know what to start first, and every task seems like way too much. If you’ve been here, then you’re more than familiar with the Monday morning blues. So, what can you do about it?  

How to Make Your Mondays a Little Easier 

You can help yourself ease into the week by following a few tricks from a leading provider of Valdosta GA jobs.

Prepare on Friday 

You know that when Monday rolls around, you’re not going to be feeling all that productive. So, while you’re at work on Friday, try to cross difficult tasks off the list and leave a few easy-to-accomplish things for Monday.  

Take the Weekend Off

It can be tempting to check email and “just do a few things” over the weekend for work—but then when Monday rolls around, it can feel like you didn’t have any time off at all. By letting yourself unplug over the weekend, you may feel a lot more refreshed at the beginning of a new week.  

Be Grateful

One positive way to start your day is by making a list of things for which you’re thankful. Do it before you even open your email. Then, with these good things in mind, you’ll be able to start your day on a high note. Glance back at the list throughout your day.  

Be Excited

What are you looking forward to? Maybe you’re hanging out with friends over the weekend, or maybe you have upcoming vacation time. Or maybe it’s just as simple as stopping at your favorite coffee shop during your lunch break. Whatever makes you happy, make a quick list of things you’re currently looking forward to.  

Dress Up

The clothing you wear makes a differenceSo, take a little time to choose a Monday outfit that makes you feel good. Wearing it can feel empowering and boost your mood all day long. 

Know When Something isn’t Right 

Not every job is perfect, and we all have days when we just feel off. But realize that if you loved what you do, it wouldn’t feel like such a chore to come in every week. If you’re really dreading your job, it might be time to look for something new.  

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