Why Every Hiring Manager Should Find an Employment Firm to Help Manage Staff Sizing Amid COVID-19

Many businesses are facing staffing challenges due to COVID-19. If you’re operating a warehouse, you’ve possibly found yourself in need of additional workers, while operating other non-essential businesses may have you limiting your workforce. Though the transition has most likely been difficult, a staffing agency can offer you several advantages when it’s time to scale up or scale down your staff 

Three Advantages of Working With a Staffing Agency 

Working with a staffing firm can save you the time and hassle involved in finding new employees or reducing your workforce. Beyond this, a staffing partner offers you these advantages: 

Add More Workers As Needed

If you’re facing a peak in your production, you may need to add extra workers to meet these needs. However, as the situation is changing rapidly, the peak may drop off, leading to extra employees with nothing to do. When you bring on temporary workers, you’ll get help with training, so they’ll be ready to jump in as needed. Then, when demand for products drops off, you can end contracts and return to your standard staffing volume.  

Easily Adjust to Meet Demands

It may seem directives for your workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic change daily. While it can be challenging trying to comply with all state and federal recommendations, having the ability to flexibly adjust your staffing volume will make things much easier. Your staffing partner can help you add or remove workers to help you meet demands and stay in compliance.  

Save on Employment Costs

Temporary workers help you reduce your full-time staffing budget. Plus, their benefits are covered by the staffing agency, which is additional savings to you. Temp workers are a valuable way to keep business going as usual while not breaking the bank.  

Now is the Perfect Time to Build a Staffing Relationship 

As the future of COVID-19 is uncertain, you can rest assured your staffing needs are covered when you work with a firm that specializes in employee placement. You’ll be covered throughout the pandemic and for your future staffing needs, as they arise.  

Looking to Staff Up in the Atlanta Area? 

If you need to add more workers or adjust your staffing mix, check out Happy Faces Personnel Group. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and help you find qualified workers who fit. To learn more, contact us today! 


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