Tips for Improving Your Hiring Process

Do you find yourself groaning when it’s time to hire new employees? No one would blame you! Hiring can be a cumbersome process. It takes time, it takes patience and it doesn’t always yield the right people.

And let’s be clear: hiring the right people is key! There’s no better way to move your company forward and beat your competition. Your employees make that happen.

If you feel like your hiring process is eating up a lot of your time—and the end result isn’t what you’ve hoped for—you’re not alone. But there are a few changes you can make to improve it.

How Do You Improve Your Hiring Process?

Follow these hiring process steps from one of the leading sources of jobs hiring in Atlanta:

Improve your job descriptions.

If you can describe what you’re looking for, it will help candidates self-select for your job openings. The more details you can include, the better. Always keep the most important qualifications at the top of the list. Describe the company culture. Talk about the benefits and what the job entails.

Ask targeted interview questions.

No one wants to tell you what three things they’d need if stranded on a deserted island. NO ONE. And information like this won’t help you understand how well they’d perform at the job. Instead, ask questions specific to their knowledge, experience and work ethic. It’s well worth your time (and theirs) to stay on target.

Explain what you need.

A lot of this should be covered in your very thorough job description. But it doesn’t hurt to repeat it during the job interview. Explain what a day on the job is like. Talk about what the responsibilities are and what to expect. Describe the skills an ideal candidate will need. Talk about the work environment and culture. Watch the candidate’s reaction (non-verbal communication is worth a thousand words) and ask them what they think.

Use social media.

You may be able to find passive candidates through social media. Join groups where top talent may hang out and participate in discussions. Post jobs to multiple social sites. Use hashtags to help talent find your posts.

Save even more time

One of the most important hiring process steps for many employers is partnering with a staffing agency. Depending on the services they offer, you may be able to reduce the time it takes to find qualified workers and improve the quality of your matches.

Hiring in the Atlanta area?

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