Four Ways Organizational Culture Affects Hiring

Your employees sit quietly at individual desks, behind high cubicle walls. They communicate mostly via email and prefer to take their lunch breaks on their own. There is little chatter and people get their work done.

This is a description of one type of corporate culture.

Now, imagine if you hired a candidate who liked to interact and bounce around ideas, take coffee breaks with coworkers, and blow off steam by the water cooler.

How do you think this person who get along in a quiet, calm culture? You’d probably find yourself replacing them soon after they were hired.

This is why company culture is such a strong factor in your hiring process. It has everything to do with how your business functions, and how employees function within in. When they’re spending 40 hours a week with you, fitting into the company culture can be almost as important as their qualifications and experience.

Four Ways Corporate Culture and Hiring Affe Your Company

Just follow these tips from a leading provider of jobs in Midtown Atlanta:

Attract New Candidates

Ping pong, on-site workout facilities, a gourmet cafeteria, free coffee and snacks… you’d be surprised what a candidate is interested in. But if your culture has what it takes, you’ll attract candidates who are seeking that type of culture. In short, your ideal candidates just may find you.

Help Employees Get Along

Birds of a feather flock together? It goes without saying that employees who function best in similar work conditions will be more likely to get along. The more you can encourage synergy, the better… and this is why your culture is so important to new hires.

Add to Productivity

When they feel comfortable, they’ll be more productive. So finding employees who thrive in your type of culture will help business run smoothly.

Boost Career Longevity

When employees are happy, they stick around. They spent the majority of their day at work, and if they actually enjoy themselves, they’ll want to stay with you for the long term. This helps you avoid turnover.

Build a Culture that Works

Most top company cultures have things in common that employees are looking for. These include pleasant surroundings, great benefits and perks, positive manager involvement, room for growth and promotion, and a supportive culture.
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