The Key to Setting 2021 goals…that Actually Matter

As the new year approaches, many of us are more than happy to have 2020 in the rearview. It’s time to start fresh in 2021! Just follow these tips from one of the leading providers of staffing agencies in Atlanta GA.

The new year offers a fresh opportunity to usher growth, change, and success into your business! And the best way to begin is by setting business goals.

In the past, you may have found yourself with a list of goals that were partially accomplished, or even less so. And no one will argue that 2020 presented challenges that required employers to shift their focus—as a result, many goals may have gotten pushed to the backburner. But it’s never too late to start planning for 2021.

Start With Your Bottom Line

Where do you want your profits and budget to be by the end of the year? For many businesses right now, finances are hanging in the balance as they scramble to adjust and stay profitable. By starting with your profit margin goal and working backward, it can help you line up the right goals and objectives to focus on.

Pay Attention to Communication

Has a lack of communication hurt your goals in the past? Good communication is what helps departments work together. And miscommunication can add unnecessary time and red tape to the projects you’d like to accomplish. Meetings are critical at the beginning of a project to help ensure all team members understand their roles. Regular check-in meetings can help you manage progress along the way. And always be available to answer questions and help workers overcome hurdles to success.

What Do Consumers Want?

Analytics that help you uncover trends are important to help your business stay competitive. This way, you know what products or services to continue, add/or terminate based on demand. What questions have come into customer service regarding what consumers are looking for or need help with? This can give you insight into what goals you may need to set in 2021.

How Can You Help Employees Help You?

Giving your workers what they need to reach goals is another important step. What training holes do you have within your company? The better your workers are at their jobs, the better they can help you reach your company goals. Take time to meet regularly with your staff to understand their performance and what they (and their direct reports) might need.

Work with Your Staffing Agency

Whether you’re in a period of growth or uncertainty, your recruiter can help you adjust staffing volume. And if you’re in search of staffing agencies in Atlanta GA, check out Happy Faces Personnel Group. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and create a staffing plan that fits.

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