Why you should have a conversation about work-life integration with your workforce

Life these days is so busy. Technology has made it easier to do more in less time, and as a result—most of us are trying to do as much as possible in as little time as possible. Balancing work with home can be overwhelming when they’re viewed as two separate entities. But the concept of “work-life integration” places a modern spin on the concept of “work-life balance” and challenges the notion that work and home exist separately from each other.

What is work-life integration?

The concept of work-life integration acknowledges that both work responsibilities and home responsibilities (such as bills, appointments, children, pets, and so much more) play major roles in our lives. They don’t exist independently of one another, as each is demanding our attention. The key is addressing which is the most demanding at the present moment and moving on from there.

Work-life integration helps us manage both work and home by attending to whichever is more pressing currently. Then, by tackling the aspect that requires the most attention, you can move forward with everything as a whole. It’s a concept that helps us maintain productivity while also minimizing stress—and allows us to hold both halves of our lives (both work and home) as equally important.

Addressing work-life integration with employees

The first step may be meeting individually with your workers to understand the demands on their time. You’ll also want to allow flexible scheduling and work-at-home options. What work arrangements would allow your employees to more fully address home responsibilities they feel are under-attended with a traditional 9-5 schedule?

Work-life integration may resonate the most with working parents, who are trying to keep up with schoolwork, sports practice, and much more while attempting to stay productive at work. By introducing the concept of work-life integration to your employees with children, you’ll show that you understand and you want to help. This can be an important step in retaining employees who feel completely overwhelmed trying to get it all done and fit it all in. Which is so many of us these days.

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