Why it’s good to take a day off

You may feel that taking a day off isn’t a good idea. You’re worried you might miss work and fall behind, or be out of the loop when you return. But did you know there are health benefits to taking a day off? Your body needs to recharge, and you can actually return to the office in much better shape.

Why it’s good to take a day off

Never feel guilty for taking time for you! Your self-care is very important to your overall well-being. Experts recommend the following benefits to time off from work:

  • It’s like hitting the “reset” button on your brain. Like any other part of your body, your brain needs rest to refresh itself. When you take time to think about things other than work, it will help you to perform more quickly when you’re back on the job. You can clear your head, avoid feeling overworked and anxious, and especially prevent yourself from becoming burned out.
  • You’ll be more productive. It may seem like the opposite is true, but when you’re able to give yourself a rest, you’ll be ready to return to your daily work tasks, and tackle them like never before. You may not realize it when you’re tired and need day off, but your productivity is probably taking a dip. Time for a little well-earned break!
  • You can get more enjoyment from your relationships. Ever feel overworked and like you’re going to snap? Yeah… people around you have probably realized it, too. Everyone gets a little short on patience when they need a break. By taking a day off, you can spend time with friends and loved ones, catch up and enjoy their company—without the thought of work looming over your head.
  • You’ll add to your well-being. Life isn’t meant to be all work and no play. By giving yourself time to do something fun, you’ll be able to enjoy life. This adds to your happiness and overall quality of life, which is a great added benefit.

Are you finding that a day off just isn’t enough?

If you’re working short-staffed or your work just doesn’t interest you anymore, it can be hard to wind down, even when you take a day or two off. This is a red flag you may be ready for something new.

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