Why should you check in with a staffing firm or recruiter 6-12 months after being placed on an assignment?

After a recruiter has placed you with a job, you may feel this is the end of the relationship. You were looking for a new job and you found one—so what would be the point of reaching out?

Well, a recruiter is a good partner to have in your corner, because you never know what the future may bring! The frequency you contact your recruiter post-placement is also affected by the type of job you’ve accepted—temporary, temp-to-hire or permanent placement.

Why to contact your recruiter

If you’re working a temp job, you’ll want to contact your recruiter to let them know how things are going and line up your next assignment. If you have a temp-to-hire job, you may be offered a full-time, permanent position at the end of your assignment—so it’s also a good idea to contact your recruiter, just in case things fall through and you’re in search of another placement.

If you’ve received a direct placement job, it’s still a good idea to contact your recruiter 6-12 months after placement. Letting your recruiter know how things are going gives them valuable clues if you find yourself in need of a new job in the future. Details such as what you like, your experience with the company culture, and what you don’t like will help your recruiter determine your future placement needs.

Other reasons to contact your recruiter

Beyond details about future placements, there are other reasons to keep in touch with your recruiter:

  • Build an ongoing relationship. Like any relationship, communication is important. By keeping the lines of communication open, you’ll have a valuable resource for insight into the job market and any future job search needs.
  • Stay in their files. You never know when your dream job will pop up. If you’re on file with the staffing agency, you’ll be on their list of people to call if you’re qualified for any exciting job openings.
  • Help other candidates. A recruiter has details about companies, but not the inside track of what it’s like to work there. As an employee, you can provide details about company culture and work experience that can be valuable for placing future candidates.

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