Struggling to Retain Your Workforce? Use These Tips to Find New Great Hires

These days, many employers are finding themselves short-staffed as employees are leaving in record numbers. Some are transitioning to other jobs, and others are simply leaving the workforce. Making attempts to hold onto your current staff is a top priority, but you also need strategies for attracting new workers who will stick.

Tips to Find Great Hires

To attract both active and passive candidates, it doesn’t hurt to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Try the following to ferret out potential new candidates and sway them to come on board with your company:

  • Improve your job descriptions. This is one way to help candidates self-select themselves when you’re in search of well-matched, qualified workers. However, due to the current “war on talent,” you don’t want to limit yourself by making your job descriptions intimidating. It helps to strike a perfect balance that helps you find the right person, but not scare off potential candidates who could also be a good fit. First, avoid jargon and misleading job titles, and just be straight forward about what a job is, as well as its responsibilities. In the qualifications section, decide which are must-haves (such as education and training) and which are nice-to-haves (that can be learned on the job by the right candidate).
  • Work on your culture. The atmosphere of your workplace, the style of management you follow, the way employees interact… it all has to do with your company culture, and it’s important to help you attract new workers. Build a culture that’s inviting and supportive, as well as positive and fun. Then, add information about it on your website, social media pages and job descriptions.
  • Offer top-notch benefits. Taking care of your employees is an important part of your culture, and can also help you attract great new workers. Offer rich health care benefits that allow for the wellness of employees and their dependents. Other benefits such as 401(k) and profit sharing and attractive, as well as ample PTO, competitive pay, flexible scheduling and hybrid work opportunities.
  • Provide employee referral bonuses. Good employees may know people in search of work who would also make good employees! Offer a referral bonus that’s enticing enough to get employees’ attention and be sure it’s an efficient and effective process—for example, employees receive their reward promptly after the new worker is hired.
  • Work with a recruiter. If you’re not sure where to begin finding new employees, a recruiter can help. They’re experts at sourcing both active and passive candidates, and can help you round out your workforce with talented and qualified new staff.

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