How Might a Recruiter Advocate For You During a Job Search?

If a recruiter has contacted you, there’s something you need to know: you have a good chance of landing a new job. Of course, nothing is set in stone, and you’ll still need to do a little work on your own. But to understand how a recruiter might advocate for you, it helps to understand a little more about recruiters in general.

Recruiters work for employers

Recruiters don’t work for you as a candidate; employers hire them to place new workers. Recruiters are often called to place qualified employees in key roles quickly and easily. Employers are busy people who don’t have much time to spend on the hiring process (which can be very time-consuming). So, if there’s an important position an employer doesn’t want open for too long, they often contact a staffing agency for help filling it. Since recruiters are experts in this area, they make the process much more straightforward for an employer.

Recruiters get paid once a match is made

This is an important piece of information to note. A recruiter’s job isn’t complete until they’ve made a good hiring match. So as you can imagine, they search the talent pool for the most qualified candidates who will be the best fit for the job. This is where you come in. If a recruiter contacts you, you’re a great fit for an open position. Recruiters don’t have time to spend on mismatches—and if you’re interested, they will help groom you for the hiring process. They’ll work with you to spruce up your resume and interview techniques. They’ll give you tips on how to present yourself during an interview. Your recruiter wants you to do well because then they’ve made a successful hiring match for their client.

Recruiters want to get hired again

The quality of the matches a recruiter makes is critical to the future of their job. After all, they want to be hired again. The more successful matches a recruiter makes for their employer partner, the more they’ll potentially be contacted to make more matches. This is another reason why a recruiter wants you to be successful and will help you through the hiring process. If they have reviewed your qualifications, spoken to you, and feel you’re a great fit—they want to make the connection happen.

Want to work with a recruiter?

You might be contacted if you’ve created a LinkedIn profile—this is the number one place recruiters source potential talent. And once you have your profile built, you can also look around for a new job on your own.

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